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Face operations

Detailed Description


double MAd::F_area (const pFace face, const double *dir)
double MAd::F_areaSq (const pFace face, const double *dir)
void MAd::F_center (const pFace face, double center[])
 Returns the center of a triangular linear face.
void MAd::F_chDir (pFace pf)
 Inverts the direction of face pf by switching edge 1 and 2.
void MAd::F_coord (const pFace face, double xyz[][3])
 Gets coordinates of points of the face including high-order points.
void MAd::F_coordP1 (const pFace face, double xyz[][3])
 Gets coordinates of vertices of the face, not including high-order points.
int MAd::F_dirUsingEdge (pFace pf, pEdge edge)
 Returns 1 if the direction of the edge in pf follows the template, 0 otherwise.
pEdge MAd::F_edge (pFace pf, int n)
 Returns n-th edge in pf.
int MAd::F_edgeDir (pFace pf, int n)
 Returns 1 if the direction of the n-th edge in pf follows the template, 0 otherwise.
pPList MAd::F_edges (pFace pf)
 Returns the ordered list of edges composing the closure of pf.
pVertex MAd::F_edOpVt (const pFace face, const pEdge edge)
 Returns the vertex of face opposite to edge.
pEdge MAd::F_findEdge (const pFace pf, const pVertex v0, const pVertex v1)
int MAd::F_inClosure (pFace f, pEntity ent)
 Returns 1 if ent is in the closure of pf, else 0.
void MAd::F_info (const pFace face, std::string name, std::ostream &out)
 Dumps informations about the face.
void MAd::F_normal (const pFace face, double normal[3])
int MAd::F_numEdges (pFace pf)
 Returns number of edges in pf.
int MAd::F_numPoints (pFace f)
 Returns the number of higher-order points attached to pf, excluding the closure.
int MAd::F_numPointsTot (pFace f)
 Returns the number of points attached to pf, including summits and points in closure.
int MAd::F_numRegions (pFace pf)
 Returns number of regions referring to pf.
int MAd::F_numVertices (pFace pf)
 Returns number of vertices in pf.
pRegion MAd::F_otherRegion (const pFace pf, const pRegion pr)
 Returns the region around 'pf' which is not 'pr' or NULL if none.
bool MAd::F_params (const pFace face, double u[][2])
pPoint MAd::F_point (pFace f, int n)
 Returns the n-th higher-order point attached to pf, excluding the closure.
pRegion MAd::F_region (pFace pf, int n)
 Returns the n-th region attached to pf.
pPList MAd::F_regions (pFace pf)
 Returns the list of regions attached to pf.
void MAd::F_setWhatIn (pFace face, pGEntity what)
 Classify pf on geometric entity 'what'.
pVertex MAd::F_vertex (pFace pf, int n)
 Returns n-th vertex in pf.
pPList MAd::F_vertices (pFace pf, int dir)
bool MAd::F_volumeRatio (const pFace face, double *ratio)
pEdge MAd::F_vtOpEd (const pFace face, const pVertex vertex)
 Returns the edge of face opposite to vertex.
pGEntity MAd::F_whatIn (pFace pf)
 Returns the geometric entity to which pf is attached.
int MAd::F_whatInType (pFace e)
 Returns the type/dimension of the geometric entity to which pf is attached.
double MAd::F_worstVolumeRatio (const std::set< pFace > faces)
 Computes the maximal volume ratio among the faces.
double MAd::XYZ_F_area (const double xyz[][3], const double *dir)
double MAd::XYZ_F_areaSq (const double xyz[][3], const double *dir)
void MAd::XYZ_F_normal (const double xyz[3][3], double normal[3])

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