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MAd::MDB_CompleteTriangle< order > Class Template Reference

#include <MeshDataBase.h>

Inheritance diagram for MAd::MDB_CompleteTriangle< order >:

MAd::MDB_Triangle MAd::mAttachableDataContainer

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Detailed Description

template<int order>
class MAd::MDB_CompleteTriangle< order >

Generic order equidistant Lagrange triangle with complete interpolation.

Definition at line 474 of file MeshDataBase.h.

Public Types

typedef container::const_iterator citer_attachdata
typedef std::vector< info > container
typedef std::pair< unsigned
int, mAttachableData * > 
typedef container::iterator iter_attachdata

Public Member Functions

void addregion (MDB_Region *t)
void attachData (unsigned int, mAttachableData *)
void attachDouble (unsigned int, double)
 specific data types for double
void attachInt (unsigned int, int)
 specific data types for int
citer_attachdata begin_attachdata () const
MDB_Edgecommonedge (const MDB_Face *other) const
void del (MDB_Region *t)
void deleteData (unsigned int)
citer_attachdata end_attachdata () const
virtual MDB_Edgefind_edge (const MDB_Point *, const MDB_Point *) const
double getAttachedDouble (unsigned int)
 specific data types for double
int getAttachedInt (unsigned int)
 specific data types for int
mAttachableDatagetData (unsigned int)
virtual int getDim () const
virtual MDB_EdgegetEdge (int i) const
MDB_PointgetHighOrderPoint (int i)
int getMshTag () const
virtual int getNbEdges () const
int getNbHighOrderPoints () const
virtual int getNbNodes () const
int getNbRegions () const
MDB_PointgetNode (int i) const
void getNodes (MDB_Point **n) const
virtual int getOrder () const
MDB_Region * getRegion (int i) const
 MDB_CompleteTriangle (MDB_Edge *A, MDB_Edge *B, MDB_Edge *C, MDB_Point **P)
MDB_Region * opposite_region (MDB_Region *t)

Public Attributes

bool deleted
pGEntity g
int iD

Protected Member Functions

virtual int align (MDB_Point *v0, MDB_Point *v1, MDB_Point *v2, MDB_Point *v3)
 Realign the triangle with the direction given by a set of three nodes.
virtual int orientation (MDB_Point *v0, MDB_Point *v1, MDB_Point *v2, MDB_Point *v3) const
 Compute orientation wrt face given by a list of principal nodes.
void rotateHOPoints (int rot, MDB_Point **op, int recursiveOrder)

Protected Attributes

std::vector< MDB_Region * > _regions
int nbPoints
MDB_Point ** point

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