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MAd::MDB_CompleteTet< order > Class Template Reference

#include <MeshDataBase.h>

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Detailed Description

template<int order>
class MAd::MDB_CompleteTet< order >

Generic order equidistant Lagrange tetrahedron.

Definition at line 920 of file MeshDataBase.h.

Public Types

typedef container::const_iterator citer_attachdata
typedef std::vector< info > container
typedef std::pair< unsigned
int, mAttachableData * > 
typedef container::iterator iter_attachdata

Public Member Functions

void attachData (unsigned int, mAttachableData *)
void attachDouble (unsigned int, double)
 specific data types for double
void attachInt (unsigned int, int)
 specific data types for int
citer_attachdata begin_attachdata () const
void deleteData (unsigned int)
citer_attachdata end_attachdata () const
double getAttachedDouble (unsigned int)
 specific data types for double
int getAttachedInt (unsigned int)
 specific data types for int
mAttachableDatagetData (unsigned int)
virtual int getDim () const
virtual MDB_EdgegetEdge (int n) const
virtual MDB_Face * getFace (int i) const
virtual int getFaceDir (int n) const
virtual int getFaceOrientation (int n) const
MDB_PointgetHighOrderPoint (int i)
virtual int getMshTag () const
virtual int getNbEdge () const
virtual int getNbFace () const
int getNbHighOrderPoints () const
virtual int getNbVertex () const
virtual void getNodes (MDB_Point **n) const
virtual int getOrder () const
virtual int getOrder ()
virtual MDB_PointgetVertex (int n) const
 MDB_CompleteTet (MDB_Triangle *A, MDB_Triangle *B, MDB_Triangle *C, MDB_Triangle *D, MDB_Point **pp)

Public Attributes

bool deleted
pGEntity g
int iD

Protected Attributes

int nbPoints
MDB_Point ** point

Static Protected Attributes

static int face_vtx [4][3] = {{0,1,2},{0,1,3},{1,2,3},{0,2,3}}

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