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Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
smlib::mathex::errorError class to hamdle exceptions
MAd::MDB_CommCheckClass for checking orientation of corresponding entities
MAd::MDB_CompleteQuad< order >Generic order equidistant Lagrange quad with complete interpolation
MAd::MDB_CompleteTet< order >Generic order equidistant Lagrange tetrahedron
MAd::MDB_CompleteTriangle< order >Generic order equidistant Lagrange triangle with complete interpolation
MAd::MDB_EdgeStraight edge or base class for higher order edges
MAd::MDB_EdgeP22nd order equidistant Lagrange edge
MAd::MDB_EdgeP33rd order equidistant Lagrange edge
MAd::MDB_EdgeP44th order equidistant Lagrange edge
MAd::MDB_EdgeP55th order equidistant Lagrange edge
MAd::MDB_PointParamParametric vertex
MAd::MDB_TriangleStraight edged triangle and base class for higher order versions

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